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Android TV Operator Tier

iFeelSmart AndroidTV Application is fully compliant with Google’s AndroidTV Operator Tier specifications. With our solutions, Operator UI, provided by iFeelSmart, replaces the AndroidTV launcher with a TV-centric experience fully managed and controlled by the operator.

More than just applications
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With Android TV set top box, consumers benefit from a large application ecosystem coming from Google Play Store. For service providers and its partners like TV channels, iFeelsmart EMI cloud service provides an unique value proposition by allowing them to manage intermediation between linear television and new content services proposed by Android TV applications.

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Transform TV Audience in news revenue streams

Control consumers intermediation

EMI helps operators to control and manage OTT 3rd party services integration and Apps ecosystem management. On AndroidTV EMI is the right tool to allow operator to keep control of the HDMI1 of the TV

Cloud-based service

EMI is a cloud-based service for operators and broadcasters, designed to optimize the management of the TV screen’s real estate. Within a micro service approach, EMI cover all the curation needs, within a very simple management interface

  • Dynamic real-time UI customization
  • UX control
  • Business revenues opportunities
  • Flexible business rules
  • 3rd parties delegation


Understand customers behavior and measure animation performance are strategic to optimize continually your product. iFeelSmart multi screen solution is already integred with several analytics solutions. Our commercial deployments and analytics implementation have been certified by industry leaders as Nielsen, Comscore and Adobe.

  • Usages tracking
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Animation ROI
  • Audience measurement